Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Iranian Classical Music Book

Pelk publisher, proudly inform the viewers that after 20 years of research for analyzing of 17000 lines of Iran & Central Asia Music
by one of the expert musician, we had chance to publish a unique book with hundreds of traditional rare pictures, which has been approved by:

Central-Eurasia-L Announcement sponsored by the Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus & University of Bern Switzerland sign agreement to collaborate on academic research, The Music Council of Australia.

This book, titled <> Trick of Vocal & Play the Iranian Music-The Situtation of Music & poet in the Iranian Life <> focused on the Impact traditional Iranian music has had on regional music and West, which provides full detail and comprehensive information about Iranian and Middle East musics.

Because of the following reasons this book could be interestin for millions of Iranian emigrants, Asian & Westerns too:

The above book is in Farsi language and is the fourth music book of Mr. Mehdi Assari, it has780 pages; (16 Chapters) which covers the following subjects:

-How we can create new rhythm?
-How the poet rhythms are the transferred to music?
-What are the differences between Iranian music & western music?
-What are the philosophies of music & dance (sufism).
-The name of over 200 traditional world instruments (including, Iranian and protectorate countries). With a lot of pictures.
- How human primary instruments developed.-
-what are the Iranian additional melodies (dastgah) comparing to western music.
-How Iranian melodies and names distributed from Iran to the East and West. and much more.
-The difference between East & West including, rhythm and melody, social science , prelude, basic information about music sound & hearing sensitively, the traditional name of Iranian classical music (melodic patterns). Secret and mysteries of playing and singing Iranian music, -The situation of music and poet in the Iranian life.
How, iranian especial traditional music therapy, worked in past.
Meanwhile, the author of this book is available to do the lectures , workshop and perform related music with one of the oldest instrument called , Santour in world wild cultural centers and universities.
For the World wide order you may call:
In Europe: Germany: Nashre Farda, (004 ) 8869699
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In USA : sherkate ketab, Phone # 310) 444-7176DD
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Farhangsaraye Pooya: 420-83847 Text Color
In Canada: Pegah Book Distribution 416 223-0850
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In Australia: shop@flb.com.au
In Iran: part book store, Tehran-enghelab Ave. cross the Tehran University Tel: 66405627

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